The BloxPrimes are special substance coexistence of highly advanced science and the supernatural on the planet Jedha-4398.

One day, an alchemist, ‘Anna’, who lives in SDR-1618, accidentally discovers strange substances which can change the shape, properties, and color by someone’s personality who touches it. She named it ‘BLOXPRIME’.

When Anna touched it, BLOXPRIME turned into a colorful and cube-shaped metal. She wanted to sell this material, so requested a permission for selling in public. However, government decided not only to keep this material as a secret because they concerned that this could be used for war or crime, but also decide to expel Anna out of the planet. Right before she was banished, she could collect some of the materials and escape the planet Jedha-4398 safely.

Anna has known that there was a planet which is very similar with the planet Jedha-4398. She decided to head forward to the new planet and that was ‘Earth’.

Price: 0.048 ETH

Supply: 9999


Drop: 08/05/2022 11:00 am

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