Entities X MetaGeckos

Entities is launching a brand new drop of NFTs that will meet those requirements. The collection is called MetaGeckos: Activate, and will be their first ever collection drop that features a collaboration. Entities has teamed up with the talented artist Trent Kaniuga who has worked with big names in the video game industry (Marvel, Riot, Blizzard etc). 

The collection consists of 10,000 hand-drawn reptilians who project illusions of human form. The algorithm will combine more than 379 exceptional trait variations of different traits to generate a collection that is more than original.

MetaGeckos has very ambitious intentions for the future to continue the project development. The holders of their NFTs can benefit from gamified staking ($NTTZ token) and an epic Web3 Video Game that is set to be launched as the project grows.

Not to mention, the traits of MetaGeckos will be fully upgradable along with the possibility to breed your Gecko or battle with other reptilians. You can also benefit from the planned 3D avatars, play-to-mint collections and limited edition merch drops, but all this will be announced in the near future as they expand.

Price: 0.1 ETH

Supply: 10000


Drop: 20/04/2022 9:20 pm

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