6,868 algorithmically generated Funkies travelled through space and ready to take over the Solana blockchain.

Who are Funkies ?

Forget what they told you about Area 51, do you know aliens already live among us? Drooling over the fun human life for ages, the Funky Squad is a group of outerspace fashionistas taking over Earth with their unique tastes and styles. In fact, they are everywhere! Could be your friendly suburban neighbor who waves at you every day, or it could be the classmate whom you have known for years! Or, if you are one of the Funkies yourself, welcome! Share your secrets in fashion so we can all have some fun together!

What do Funkies do?

They dive deep into the no man’s land of fashion and come out shining brighter than a shooting star! Due to their shapeshifting nature, you might even see some of them go a little too far by changing their skin texture and colors just to match their sick outfits! Shh… don’t expose them though, they are simply setting the trend!

Price: 0.68 SOL

Supply: 6868


Drop: 24/04/2022 2:00 pm

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