Gangsta Ape Club

A long time ago lived the holiest of apes, Aghoo. Aghoo was very well respected amongst his tribe and only wished for peace. While Aghoo was off to his sanctuary and deep in meditation, his village was destroyed by raiders and was seized. Upon returning to his village, he found the deceased bodies of his family, friends, and neighbors. This enraged Aghoo, and from then on he was never the same. He was no longer the holiest Ape in all the lands, he turned into a straight G. He knew he must retake his lands, so he went on a mission to recruit 10,000 of the most Gangsta Apes in the world. He went across all 7 continents searching and found 9,998 of the strongest, baddest, and most GANGSTA APES he could find. He then returned to his lands and retook the village that was his rightful home. This property is now resided by the Gangsta Ape Club.

Price: 0.1 ETH

Supply: 9998


Drop: 30/04/2022 3:52 pm

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