Try to remember the day you bought your first bong. How long did you look at the range when choosing your new glass friend? Shape, volume, color, material, accessories – your head goes wild! But then you get your hands on the perfect one and you realize – it’s definitely my buddy! That day your first “handshake” happened.

Now think about how many tons of weed you’ve already destroyed together, how many amazing moments you’ve had and how many secrets your best friend knows. We want to bring that unforgettable feeling back to you in a brand new and unique format.

That is why it is you who will manage the collection and create your own, best bong, assembling it from the parts you like. And trust me, it will become your best friend in the NFT world too.

It will be a whole new experience. You choose your own color, base, downstem, tube, bowl. You choose everything! You can even add accessories, ice or pour mutagen as a liquid. It will be very cool!

Price: 0.042 ETH

Supply: 420


Drop: 20/04/2022 4:20 pm

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