Grumpy Cats NFT Game

Grumpy Cats NFT Game is a Stake-2-Earn based strategy game. All the Grumpy Cat NFT owners can access the game and the supply is limited by 6,666.

There are going to be 6 different clans and one kingdom in the game. All the grumpies(6,666) are equally distributed among these 6 clans which are ice, volcano, sand, wasted land, cyber, jungle. In the grumpy map, all the clans and the kingdom will be visible very soon. When all the Grumpy Clans are compared to each other there are not any stronger or weaker clans in those six which provides us to play a fair game! 

Our stake to earn game is almost ready. The demo starts soon and the game is about co-op, strategy and act well. Players can take control of the kingdom lands treasure or raid other nations lands. The game treasure feeds from mint fund and Grumpy Token will be integrated also.

Price: 1.0 SOL

Supply: 6666


Drop: 28/04/2022 8:00 pm

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