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MetaBoards is a collection of 4000 unique NFT.

Each skateboard is unique and represent exclusive properties.


Redeem your MetaBoard as a real product or play it on the Metaverse and compete with your crew in our exclusive constests.

METABOARD AS METAVERSE ASSET | Grant your early access to our MetaBoards Skateverse Land. Redeem for exclusive experiences and rewards in our future Battle Royale Play 2 Earn!

METABOARD AS REAL PRODUCT | Each board is crafted by our Team of PRO skaters. MetaBoard is backed by the real skateboard represented in the NFT, receive it at any time, we will ship your exclusive product without any additional fee!

SkateDAO is a Play2Earn Metaverse Land based on Skateboarding experience.

Price: 0.08 ETH

Supply: 4000


Drop: 23/04/2022 4:00 pm

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