NFTs for Threatened Species

The “NFTs for Threatened Species” project launches 10000 unique NFTs on the Polygon network to raise environmental awareness. The project protects threatened animals and plants digitally through NFTs, increasing the established level of awareness for various endangered species and helping protect the environment. We created 10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Polygon blockchain due to its low transaction fees and eco-friendly implications. Early NFT holders will have different incentives and be eligible for airdrops such as NFTs and tokens from our partners. Once all NFTs are minted by the public, holders can stake their NFTs to earn rewards. The project makes a 6% resale royalty. As we have global accessibility with NFTs, a 2.5% resale royalty will be donated to wildlife charities to protect endangered species and their habitats. NFTs with a utility are the future of the NFT world. NFT staking is one of our great utilities. Besides, we will be announcing exclusive memberships, the utility of merchandise and more. Our team members along with partners are working behind the scenes to expand our global reach and bring more NFT lovers and enthusiasts to the community.

Right now, NFT collectors can mint 10000 unique and cool NFTs at an affordable price with low transaction fees on the Polygon blockchain. This is an incredible opportunity for NFT fans and enthusiasts who are not fond of expensive transaction fees.  As rarity in collectible NFTs drives a large part of the economy and produces excitement, our collection also includes rare suits, backgrounds, and items.

The maximum amount of NFTs a single wallet can mint is 20. Each NFT costs 6 MATIC on the Polygon blockchain. To celebrate the public minting event, we will be giving away 10 free NFTs and 15 MATIC for the first 10 holders. Have a great NFT minting!

Price: 6.0 MATIC

Supply: 10000


Drop: 26/04/2022 9:28 pm

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