Psychic 8-BIT

“Psychic 8-BIT” is a next generation Metaverse project. We are introducing the craziest waves in the cyberspace to
the NFT community.

 1000 pieces,
representing the 21st century street trends and craziness, but executed and
influenced by 90s Retrowave, Neon-Noir,
Cyberpunk, Y2K and many more aesthetics. This project is inspired by the greatest artists,
movies and fashion pieces in this generation.

By joining the community you are helping us build a small
and supporting society, which is sharing the similar aesthetics. The floor
price of the project will be extremely low and
there’s gonna be an insane pay off. We have prepared tons of surprises for our

Price: 0.006 ETH

Supply: 1000


Drop: 06/05/2022 12:00 am

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