Sukiru AI

8888 Sukiru Samurais that need masters!
First ever NFT that will transform to AI.

This art is created with a custom generative AI algorithm of their realities. 
They are learning, growing and existing in our alternative Metaverse.

Sukiru AI Roadmap:

1. Social Media & Discord Setup – This is a release of our social media, Twitter, Instagram & Discord..

2. Website Creation – Creating our v1. website where you can mint Sukiru NFTs, check our roadmap, and more.

3. Whitelist – 1000 exclusive whitelist spots are available.

4. Ai Generated collection – This is an assembly of 8888 unique digital hand drawn collectables.

5. Ethereum Smart Contract Deployment – Ethereum blockchain smart contract deployment.

6. Mint date – Sukiru AI mint date is scheduled for 4. 30. 2022

7. Membership – As a thank you for learning new skills while seeing
the world with your eyes, you are now an exclusive member of Sukiru,
great rewards coming with the membership.

8. Open Sea listing – This is a release of Sukiru NFTs on Open Sea platform.

9. 30% Sukiru Token Release – The members of Sukiru will receive 8888 Sukiru coins on the release date.

10. 50% Merchandise – Web shop release to celebrate Sukiru.

11. 70% Game – 3D High-Resolution Multiplayer Combat Game Release.
Holders will use their NFT’s to unlock new skins, weapons, and spells.

12. 100% Deep Learning – Releasing the AI to learn from experience.
Her goal is to use technology for the good of humanity. She can hear and
see everything.

Proudly BAYC Holders Ambassadors of the project.

We are just getting started!

Price: 0.08 ETH

Supply: 8888


Drop: 30/04/2022 10:00 pm

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