The Humanians

The Humanians is a socially conscious NFT collection born on the Ethereum Blockchain led by the established female artist, VISBII. 

Bridging art and utility, while bringing awareness to the growing mental health issue of Body Dysmorphia. The world of Humania was conceived to be an active force in both assisting and bringing awareness to the lack of human diversity and the unrealistic self image expectations perpetuated by modern and social media.

The Humanians is a social movement that aims to make a difference in both the digital and real world. We are teaming up with charities, mental health professionals, celebrities and foundations from around the world to raise awareness and help those who have been affected by Body Dysmorphia.

20% of our mint and secondary sales will be donated to our charities and we will document the journey along the way.

15% of our mint sales and 20% of our secondary sales go into our community wallet. These funds will be allocated and donated to various charities and causes worldwide and decided by our holders via a voting poll.

Holding a Humanian NFT is not a flex about your personal wealth, but a flex for humanity. It is a flex for all the people who care for others on this wonderful planet we call home.

Price: 0.09 ETH

Supply: 10000


Drop: 06/05/2022 9:00 am

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