The PowerUp Gym

Gamify your fitness with our move-to-earn NFT

Our mission is to build a community that encourages and motivates others to build healthier daily habits through the gamification of fitness using NFTs. We aren’t just creating NFTs, however, we’ve built a mobile app and brand that go beyond the digital realm to provide utility for our members in the real world.

We’ve built a move-to-earn mobile app where our gym members can use their game character NFTs to earn Exercise Points (XP) and compete on leaderboards against other community members. Our members can also participate in daily challenges.

We’re releasing our mobile application in parallel with this Phase 2 of the PowerUp Game Character NFT drop. We will continue building out the mobile app with features and bring parity with Android and iOS apps. 

Price: 0.0262 ETH

Supply: 1000


Drop: 23/04/2022 8:00 pm

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