Timeless Cavemen

Timeless Cavemen are collectible NFTs made up of a random combination of 233+ hand drawn features. Each Timeless Caveman has unique traits to prepare them for their journey through the multiverse.
The first collection is centered around the Ice Age. More Ages soon to come.

Owning a Timeless Caveman gives you access to special perks such as free merchandise, Cavemen air drops and ensuing Timeless Cavemen Universe collections to make sure your Caveman isn’t alone on their journey.

We want to provide tangible utility in the real world, which is why owning Timeless Cavemen will enable owners to redeem free custom-designed merch with their Caveman of choice on it in addition to the benefits above.

In the longer term, they will be able to participate in our events, giveaways, contests and more as we build the Timeless Cavemen Universe.

We also believe that Timeless Cavemen has a solid development ahead and will keep growing as the project doesn’t end here! We have plans for the Timeless Cavemen Universe.

There are 4 phases to our roadmap for now, this is subject to change as the project progresses.
1. Getting everything ready for launch. Setting up the website, creating the Timeless Cavemen collection with 5000 unique combinations. Spawning Discord and Twitter channels
2. Launch the cavemen onto the blockchain to start them on their travels through the multiverse. Host a range of free air-drops on the discord server after finding homes for 500 Timeless cavemen
3. If more than 1500 cavemen have found homes they’ll enter the world on various objects. Get free merch of your cavemen printed if you hold 3 or more cavemen
4. The timeless cavemen meet special friends and pets on their travels through the multiverse and rock on new adventures with their new buddies and cavewoman!

Price: 0.03 ETH

Supply: 5000


Drop: 01/05/2022 12:00 pm

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