Led by American electronic artist, Jake Baynham, Tunies stand for creative freedom. Tunies level the playing field by bringing music directly to the community and backing it with blue chip art. We know music is an essential part of life, and in this current sea of label-driven redundancy, a good tune is increasingly hard to find. We are breaking this trend of generic music by creating timeless records that stand apart from the upcoming doppelgangers of trending artists.

Tunies are your chance at purchasing Tunies Music NFTs, as well as your ticket to every show Jake Baynham plays. Our plan is to route iconic venues & festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Tommorowland, and many more, bringing Tunies holders to every show.

Price: 0.075 ETH

Supply: 7500


Drop: 03/05/2022 12:00 am

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