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Turf creates cartographic NFTs / wall art. Each Turf is a gorgeous 1/1 map based artwork of your favorite place on earth, preserved as interactive 3D NFTs. Each NFT comes with a HQ file destined to be framed and hung on your wall.

In our Google Maps like interface you can select exactly which 2km squares you want to own yourself. Once bought, no one else can get a Turf of that piece of earth anymore.

That means there’s only 1 NFT with the Eiffel Tower on it, 1 NFT of where you met your spouse, and just 1 NFT with your home on it – if you buy it you’re the only one who can claim ownership of your neighborhood. Your turf.

The Turf NFT comes with a reproduction license. Owners of Turf NFTs are allowed to create and sell prints of the Turfs they own. In fact, we encourage it!

And to make it as easy as possible to get a high quality print of your Turfs, we intend to offer a printing service for Turf holders. If a Turf owner desires, we can sell prints of their Turf to the general public for them – the owner would then receive a % of the proceeds of every sale.

How many copies of Paris do you think you can sell?

Finally, Turf NFTs make for great collectors items. By design, the Turf landscape will be fragmented at first. Over time, we expect people will collect many adjacent Turf squares to completely own the city they live in – or at least the entirety of Manhattan. To encourage this, you’ll be able to burn your adjacent Turfs to get one big merged Turf that contains one big artwork combining all of your Turf NFTs.

We’re minting on April 26th at 4PM UTC. 50 ADA per 2km square.

Price: 50.0 ADA

Supply: 100000000


Drop: 26/04/2022 4:00 pm

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