Mint 7th May 21.00 UTC

Your NFT collection will become recognizable on the solana blockchain.
Wood miners ver1.0 consists of 999 hand-drawn NFTs that mine 0.02 sol. Diamond ax (0.1 sol) Gold ax (0.06 sol) Bronze ax (0.03 sol) Iron ax (0.02 sol)
Every 29 days we will host a staking event, this event will last 13 days
Price mint WL: 0.99 / Public: 1.25 | Supply 999
Since 2018, your team has been engaged in mining and trading cryptocurrencies. Use our vast experience and you will be able to increase your money.. Discord will open as soon as there are 1000 of us. The first 100 people who enter the discord will get the role of WL!

In April, we will conduct a mint NFT Meat Steak (x8) only whitelist (date TBA) Supply 111 and Mint NFT Wine (x4) public mint (date TBA) Supply 333. that will increase your profit on the betting site. You can find out more on our website https://woodminers.com/

Listing MagicEden

30% of the royalties will be sent to charity every month
50% will be sent to the holders
20% for the promotion of the project

Plans for this year , the launch of WoodMiners ver 2.0 (3d) Buying land THE SANDBOX for Your Community
Airdrop of a limited version of NFT to all WoodMiners holders in honor of the purchase of land.
Launching a Community Token
Creating a Game P2E in the Metaverse
Each of our actions and creativity related to the game will be put to the vote in discord.

Price: 0.99 SOL

Supply: 999


Drop: 07/05/2022 9:00 pm

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